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 Skin featuring Maggie Bradshaw's artwork of Remus Lupin.  Skin featuring Marta's artwork of Remus Lupin.  Skin featuring David Thewlis as Remus Lupin.

Mr Moony Presents...

Welcome to the listed Remus John Lupin (aka Moony) fanlisting! Remus is a character from the Harry Potter series and was Harry's Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher during book 3. He later made a return in book 5, 6, and 7. If you want to join the fanlisting (please do!) take a look at the menu above entitled "fanlisting". However, if you would like more information on Remus (beware of spoilers), please take a look at the menu entitled "Remus". If you're unsure of what a fanlisting is or you want to know more about this particular fanlisting, please have a look at the menu entitled "site". If you have any questions regarding this site always feel free to contact us.

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One skin features artwork created by Maggie and another skin features artwork created by Marta. Artwork by both artists has been used with permission. The character Remus John Lupin is copyrighted to JK Rowling and Warner Bros. No infringement on any copyrights is intended; this is a fan site only and no money is being made. Additionally, this site is only "approved" by It has not been approved by Warner Bros, JK Rowling, or anyone else associated with the Harry Potter series. copyright © to Angela and Kim