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Thoughts on Remus from his fans and his creator, JK Rowling.

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Tribute to Remus Lupin

This is where you can find tributes on Remus from his fans along with thoughts on him from his creator, JK Rowling. You are welcome to add your own tribute to Remus here as well. Note: If you have not read the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th books in the Harry Potter series, this section contains spoilers.

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by Leah

Remus Lupin is the person I would be proud to become if I have this luck. There isn't person in this world I love more than I love him. He's obviously my favourite character and his death... I can't even explain how I felt. And how I still feel. His picture is on my wall, "Moonie" is engraved on my bed, and his initials are on my wrist. I remember him every day of my life. Every time I see the moon, or a wolf, or everything that can hardly be connected with him I start thinking about him, consequently sobbing and so on... I adore him! He is my hero, he is the person who told me to be who I am now, and who I grow to be. I can't imagine the day I wouldn't think about him or just smile at him. Wherever he is I smile at him. Thus I feel closer to him, even if this is impossible. I would give everything just to see that he is somewhere happy, that he sees from above his son an helps him in difficult moments, just like James did for Harry. I hope that he is with Tonks, Sirius, Lily, James, Fred, Mad-eye... I just hope. And I'm so happy that there are so many people which love himÖ I love him too. I adore him. R.J.LÖ Thank you for everything you are!!!

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by Letty

Remus Lupin were that character I've always wanted to know in real life. He is a safe person without being unreal. He can be your teacher, your father and your friend at the same time. I was really sad when we lost him and Tonks. They didn't deserve death.

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by Liane

Dear Remus, since I met you for the first time youíve been a great friend. I think many parts of your personality are very similar to mine. Meeting a character with a disability meant also very much to me - although sitting in a wheelchair is surely different to being a werewolf ;) You will always be a part of me. Love, Liane.

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by Lucia

Remus Lupin, a character in the Harry Potter series, has affected me because in some way I can relate to him. Being the good one from a group of friends, I often realize I cut them a lot of slack. He was also really awesome, on the fact that he only wanted what was best for Nymphadora and his son Ted.

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by Lucy

I immediately felt a connection to Remus from the 3rd book. I find his qualities amazing. I felt really sorry for him in the 3rd film when he resigned and he was used to people disliking him. I am glad he and Tonks got together. I think that she would be able to be happy for him in any way. She also has a strong sense of character so I think Remus being a werewolf doesn't bother her. I decided to write a story on a website called quizilla. It originally was going to be just about Severus Snape and another character but I decided to give Lupin some happiness aswell. I think David Thewlis played him really well.

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by Lupin Fan

Why I like Remus? I think he's an awesome charater. He's different, kind-hearted, and very frendily. I think JKR should have done more of him in the movies. I was very saddened in the final book. It did make me cry.

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by Lupin's Angel

I can't say I loved Remus from the start it was only once I was half way through the seventh book that I really noticed him. I cried when he died I was thinking "NO! He can't be dead!" but sadly he was. As soon as I finished the seventh book I read the whole series over again twice. That time I really noticed everything he did for Harry, for the Order, and for his friends and family. I just fell in love with him. I think Remus will always stay in our hearts. He showed me how to be a better person (though, regretfully I'm not). I still am in denial about his death and refuse to read the seventh book again. Remus Lupin may you rest in peace.

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by LupinLover

Remus Lupin, what to say. He is simply amazing. Remus is sweet and cares for everyone. Whenever someone is prejudice to him, he never becomes angry, he continues on being kind to them. After reading that he died, I couldn't talk for a hour, do to the horrible lump in my throat. He is simply amazing, a I complement Miss (Mrs?) Rowling. Even though he hated himself, I loved him, and still do!

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by Maggie

Remus Lupin is, and has always been one of my favorite characters of the Harry Potter series. His gentle nature, fire for teaching, and love of Harry probably brought me close to him. I mean he was always there when Harry needed him, especially after Sirius' death. Harry needed that father figure. I know he had Sirius, but he while I love Sirius, Remus provided more of the father figure than Sirius. Sirius was more of Harry's brother. Remus was always responsible and always a good friend. He was there for everyone who needed him, and he will never be forgotten.

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by Mari Pueyo

I've liked Remus Lupin since the moment he woke up from his slumber in the train to Hogwarts to fight the dementors. I like the way he prefers to hurt himself than to hurt others, the way he treates the kids as young adults and, above all, his mature point of view compared to other characters of his same age (Sirius or Severus, for instance). He has suffered a lot and it shows in the way he views the world. The world is been anything but kind to him, and still he fights to make it better, until the end. Let's that set an example.

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by Marilyn

Remus Lupin... how could I love anyone more? He is by far the greatest character in the Harry Potter series. I admire him, and all he is, just like so many others do. He has so many favourable qualities. Remus Lupin is intelligent, bookish, smart... and yet you cannot limit him to that. He is a Marauder, a prankster. We can see clearly his lovely sense of humour- he is responsible and yet reckless. Remus is a person who has suffered greatly. Bitten at a young age by Fenrir Greyback, he has lived the painful life of a werewolf. Only a few years out of Hogwarts he lost his closest friends, and yet struggled on. He finally regained some of what he had lost, only to have the Veil of death snatch it away. His strength gives me strength. His depth inspires me to be all that I can be. It saddens me that he could not live out his life in happiness, as he deserves, but at least he is at rest now, at peace, and he is finally home where his true family have been waiting for him. At last the Marauders are reunited. Rest in Peace, Remus John Lupin.

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by Marrhon

Remus Lupin is the reason why I love the Harry Potter series so much. Not only was he skilled and intelligent but also brave and loving. Even after all those years of suffering prejudice, he still remained the same. He never thought of switching to the dark side. He was such a great man. He never wanted anyone to be in harm's way because of him, because of his illness. But for those people, the fact that he was something strange did not matter. I don't think anyone listed in this fanlisting sees Moony as a werewolf, but as a man of great honour and nobility. He is definitely the greatest person I ever knew. Never will I forget him in my life. I don't know how to end this tribute properly so I'll just dedicate a message to him: "I am hands down to you, Remus John Lupin. You have showed me my worth an I appreciate that so much. I once saw you as a lover but now, you are like my father. You've been there when my real dad wasn't. That's the best thing you ever did for me. Thank you. Your memory would remain not only in mine but in everyone's heart, soul and mind. I LOVE YOU, DAD."

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by Mary

I love Remus. I know everyone says that but they mean it, well I do at least. I love all the marauders (although not Wormtail so much as he betrayed them). A word of advice - when I say I love Remus, I do not mean in the way that Tonks does. I mean I look up to him and admire him and such like, but I do not mean that I want to marry him! I don't know if I'm the only one that feels sorry for him and wants to give him a big hug and whatever or not. I cried when he was killed. Still, at least he and the other marauders are together again. And I have just got a new teacher who looks like a teenage version of Remus... hmmm.

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by Megan Christine Meikle

Well, where on earth do I begin? Remus is really the reason I love the third book as much as I do. He is facinating, more so than any other character that I have ever had the opportunity to read. He was like all others, a damaged, broken man. But unlike most damaged broken men, he always tried to see the good in others though he could never see the good in himself. His friendship with the marauders, his need to be liked. His incredible finese as a teacher. He is the teacher I always wanted to have because he understood a person as an individual and not as a collective group - something that most adults see in people my age. His love for Harry, for his friends, for those around him and especially those precious months where he became something much more - a father a husband. A man with a family who never thought he could be accepted and loved got what he deserved only to be cruelly ripped away in a war that should have ended such a long time ago, never knowing whom his son would turn to become. I empathise with Remus greatly. He reminds me of troubles I have had to go through in my life. And at times that I feel utterly pathetic and useless, I know I can pull through. These stories have captivated the world and justice is not served with his little screen time in the movies, he is so fascinating that I feel at times he deserves his own movie. It broke my heart to read of Remus' death along with Dora's. I must admit that I actually had to put the book down and try and calm myself before proceeding. It's not often a character's death can do that to a person and seldomn do I cry. Not only is it a testament to JK Rowlings work, but to the way the characters touch our hearts in ways we can't imagine. For that I am truly thankful.

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by Melissa

When asked my favorite Harry Potter character, most may think that I'd choose Harry himself, Ron, Hermione, or perhaps one of the popular adults like Dumbledore or Snape. While all of these people (and every character for that matter) are amazing in their own ways, none holds a place in my heart like Remus John Lupin. And this is how I explain it to people when I'm asked why (and believe me, Iím asked WHY?): I believe him to be one of the, if not THE, most damaged characters in the series. At one point he loses all three of his best friends: he believes that Sirius betrayed and killed James and Peter. He then finds out that it was Peter who was to blame and finally has Sirius back as a trusted friend, only to lose him again two years later. It is often seen as a devastating event for Harry, but it is heartbreaking to see the effect Siriusí death has on Lupin as well. ďHe canít come back, Harry,Ē said Lupin, his voice breaking as he struggled to contain Harry. --- Lupin turned away from the archway as he spoke. It sounded as though every word was causing him pain (OotP p.807-808). From his first moments in Prisoner of Azkaban and through the end of Half-Blood Prince, I have also found him to be the best role model and parental figure for Harry. He is not as reckless as Sirius, but not as over-protective as Molly Weasley. Remus has provided him with information about his parents, which he so desperately wanted. He also believed Harry had the right to know things involving the Order of the Phoenix, but recognized there should be a limit. It was very clear how much he truly cared for Harry. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to see that Remus and Tonks were married early on in Deathly Hallows. I was also very happy to see the large role that he played in the final installment of the series. It didnít surprise me at all that he would offer Harry, Ron, and Hermione help on their journey, but it was horrible, though understandable, to see the way that he so often felt about himself. He was constantly struggling with how others saw him and how he saw himself in the surrounding world. It was reassuring to see that he was at least able to enjoy his last remaining days with his wife and newborn child. What else is there to say other than the fact that J.K. Rowling created a character that was endearing, clever, respectable, and brave. And I thank her for that, as Iím sure many others do as well.

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by MissingMoony

Remus Lupin was the best character in Harry Potter. He was kind, caring and protective of those he loved, despite getting a lot of hard luck in life. At least he had Teddy before he was killed by EVIL Dolohov: the Potter world is not completely Lupin-less. Remus and Tonks's deaths hit me the hardest in Deathly Hallows. They were my two favourite characters, and to see their bodies without even a death scene angered me to be honest. Deathly Hallows would have been the perfect book for us R/T shippers if it wasn't for their deaths :(.

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by Miverel

I've never thought that an imaginative character from a book may have such great impact on me. Remus Lupin is one of those characters that you remember all your life. I admire him for his courage, maturity and personality. He shows us that you should fight no matter what obstacles you meet in your life. What intrigued me about Remus Lupin from the very start was his 'illness'. That gives him even more depth and drama. That makes him a real life-warrior. When I finished reading 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' I was incredibly sad but also somehow satisfied with his end. Remus died for what he was fighting for, he died for free and tolerant world. Remus Lupin is one of those characters you'll never forget.

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by MJ

Wow. Reading the seventh book was... shocking to say the least. I never in a million years would've thought Jo would kill of Remus. He has always been my favorite of all the marauders, and he had to go through so much! I mean, living his life as a werewolf clearly made him lonesome and solitary. And then he goes to Hogwarts, meeting Hogwarts and gains three wonderful friends. And then, as the story says, one of them becomes a traitor and the other two die. Dumbledore, who always supported him, dies. When he finally finds happiness with Dora and Teddy, he and his wife both die. It just doesn't make sense that the man should suffer so much without compensation. I understand what Jo was trying to do with Teddy, orphaning him to shadow Harry, but I still wish at least one of his parents had lived. Remus J Lupin will always be remembered.

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by Mooney

I love Remus Lupin. He's always been my favourite character and I've looked up to him in a strange way. I've also imagined him as a doctor quite a bit, but I'm not going to bore you like that by making you listen to my theories. I've alway been a bit miffed that JK nerver really called Remus, well... Remus (always called "Lupin" by narrator) So yes, I actually know that Remus's name is "supposed" to be called Moony but I think Mooney looks a lot more amaizing. You know like british: colour, honourable, favourite, etc. ~Mooney

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by MoonyIsWicked

We owe a lot to Remus John Lupin, otherwise known as Moony. He taught Harry about dementors and was there to fight in the war. Remus gave his life for the many others. It was a shame when he died and he is greatly missed. He was an excellent marauder and he had a lovely wife and son. Teddy was left alone with only his grandmother but I'm sure he knows that he did it for the good of the wizarding community. Remus was also an amazing student at Hogwarts even with his furry little problem. I am very inspired and will remember and think of him everyday. We miss you, Remus!

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by Moonypadfoot214

Remus Lupin was a great wizard. He was kind, understanding and a great teacher and friend. He was a great protector of Harry, not so venturesome as Sirius, but he also did not treat Harry like a delicate child like Molly did. I had started admiring Remus ever since Rowling introduced him to us in the third book, the Prisoner of Azkaban, when he chased away the Dementors on the Hogwarts Express. But in spite of his great personality, Remus had suffered for a lot in his life. He lost his 3 best friends. James's death was a great hit to him, and Sirius death must have made him experience awful pain from the second death of one of his best friends. When he found out that one of his best friends, Pettigrew, joined Voldemort, he was probably enraged, and he was disgusted and disappointed by Pettigrew's behavior. He was also ashamed of himself, although Harry, Ron, and Hermione always encouraged him no to think so. He doesn't want to ruin his wife's (Tonk's) life or bring shame on his child. He has suffered by other people's prejudice. He fought bravely in every duel, and in the end he died an honorable death. He shall always stay in my heart.

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by Moonyschickforever

Remus Lupin is doubtlessly the best character in the series. He's kind, gentle and tolerant.. but somewhat wild and mischevious. A lot of people may misjudge him but he doesn't care. Even after everything he has gone through, he remains a loyal friend. I salute and love you, oh cute professor! Your memory would never be erased from every person's mind!

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by Naomi

Dear Remus. We Will miss you greatly. You were a very wise character who helped us and Harry understand. You helped him with the Dementors and saved him from them on the train to Hogwarts. You are a true hero and you bravely fought in the great battle at Hogwarts. Being a werewolf did not hold you back, instead you did not let it bother you and you learnt to live with it. You are the best. Naomi

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by Nash

I'm a 12-year-old kid. I like Professor Lupin because he is kind. He does not discriminate or terrorize students. He even gives complements to students like Neville Longbottom who is performing poorly in class. I am sad, though, that he's a werewolf, but I am glad that he takes his illness positively. I am happy that he left a nice legacy in Hogwarts and his students liked him. I am sad, too, that he enjoyed a brief family life as a husband to Tonks and as a loving dad to little Teddy. I'd like to be his student, were there a real Hogwarts, and am admitted. I don't care if Professor Lupin is a werewolf.

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by Nathan

Hmm, Remus Lupin? Remus Lupin.. He has been a favorite of mine, ever since I read the third book. Which I saw someone else has put, sorry! He, has always been, well. Many people overlook remus, and see him as an accesory that isn't needed to make the books what they are. But when people mention this, it makes me rather sad. Remus, is an important character, which I value as my most favorite. Remus, has always been, the most torn person. And still, he seemed so kind. He put all others before him, and seemed to be the leader of the marauders, since James died. He was the only one too be there, to watch his world crumble. Rebuild, only to crumble again. So, here's to you. Moony.

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